[TOOL] How To Find Duplicate Images

Recently, I have run into a problem where a lot of duplicate images end up being posted on my accounts in the same niche.

Manual screening for duplicates is fine when you have 1-2 accounts, but when the numbers get bigger, a manual approach becomes hard and inefficient.

I’ve looked at a lot of solutions - from downloadble softwares, online services and even having a python script created. Some worked, most didn’t.

Until I found Gemini 2 - https://macpaw.com/gemini

NOTE: It is a MAC ONLY app.

This little piece of software finds duplicates and similar pictures (cropped a bit differently, different filters, etc.). On my content, it has found almost 100% of the duplicates. I’m not sure of course of the exact percentage as that would require manual work which I’m trying to avoid.

It is by far the best solution I have found to date and I was more than happy to fork out $19.95 for the full version.

If you have any problems with duplicate images and have a Mac, I highly recommend it.


This makes me sad though :confused:

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Rent an online Mac and run it there :slight_smile: I think they rent them by the hour these days lol

That’s a good tool to Mac

You have an alternative for Windows “AntiDupl.NET-2.3.8”

You have to put a path in Search, Path, Then click on “play button”. After finish you have some options. Remember to first select all (CTRL+A) and click on Delete first picture

program is free, without ads. Also in the menu Help, there is a html help with some good examples.

Let me know if helps!