Tool or method to analyze influencers audience Demographics and interests...etc.?

is there any tool or method that will give me the ability to analyze influencer Twitter account followers for their interests, Demographics, Genders, Language, nationality? Besides contacting the influencer.

I’m in a step where this is so Crucial to me I’m stuck, Experts, please help me

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I like Keyhole, but I’m sure there are cheaper ones out there (or probably free ones!).

Not have much experience there, but I believe that there are some community members that could help you out. I would like to hear what others have to say about it. It would be quite useful.

Thank you @EauDebo but Keyhole is not analyzing all the followers of the influencer account … it just analyzes maybe 10-20 followers of the account and then display the result… is it because I’m using the free trial?

any other tools?

i searched a lot, I have not found anything to be honest

Give a try

I use hypeauditor but it’s really really expensive…

I’ve heard about platform. Haven’t use it tho, but I read about it on few places, you can google it and check what you think about it.

Did you find any software less expensive than hypeauditor?

They don’t support Twitter

The only tools I found are sparkscore and Audiense that support twitter, But they are so expensive, Especially audience, you pay $1000 a month for 5 analysis

I think there is a huge demand for it

Twitter… hmmmm
I would like a tool for instagram that it is not to much expensive…
Do you know one?