Tool reveals how Facebook tracks and studies user activity

Hello everyone, I do not know if anyone here is aware of this!

But anyway I’m posting. I think it can be of great value for some users.

See how facebook tracks user steps.
This is a chrome extension that shows in real time how facebook algorithms work and track the actions of each user.

This is interesting for those who want to use the automation tools on facebook so that we can learn more about what can and can not cause a ban or a punishment.

This can also help us to better configure actions done automatically.

Of course this is something more technical, but what to do for sure is just a matter of patience and study.

I believe that even for the massplanner’s technical team this can be a great help to know more about the platform.

To access the extension click here!


Interesting indeed. You can get a lot of info from here.

I wonder how would data look like if the extension would be turned on on MPs embedded browser for one of the bot accounts :smiley:

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Tjis is really very interesting share. it could be of more valuable if mass planner team could extract these programming bits and implement them in mass planner interface

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YEa that would be really simple :smile:

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It would be awesome to have this embedded in the MP browser :innocent: