Tool says "there are no users to un follow"


hey there i have a problem with the unfollowing tool on several instagram accounts. It says “there are no users to unfollow” , but the accounts are following between 3.500-6.000 people. Can anybody help?


What tool are you using for the unfollow ?


Which software are you using?
Some software only follow the people that has been followed by that software ( this prevent to unfollow your friend if it’s a presonal account), and if those has been followed by other software or something like that it won’t unfollow. Some has the option to unfollow all sources


Assuming it’s Jarvee, check the following:

  • Unfollow items after a minimum of …
  • Also target users followed from outside Jarvee


You should be really careful with this option, this will unfollow ALL the followings with no exception.
If you want to keep some of them, make a White list with them and add it in the Unfollow tool.


That’s true, I forgot to mention Whitelist option :slight_smile:


Too many ways to check it if you’re using Jarvee.

1 - Take a look into time interval for unfollow tool. If you follow any guy then Jarvee don’t unfollow it any time, there is interval time, if you’ve setup 5 days, then Jarvee will unfollow that users after 5 days only otherwise it will stop.

2 - Take a look into other setting as said by broked, Jarvee by default not unfollow people which is followed by some other tool/manually.

3 - Take a look into maximum number of unfollow setting like per day/ hour etc.

4 - Take a look into other setting which say stop unfollow tool when your total number of followers are below 500 for example.