Tool That Will Automatically open a link with proxies

Anyone know of a tool that will allow me to load a list of my proxies and open a link on each one of those proxies automatically?

I think that you are looking for something like that.

PS. I apologize for LMGTFY, but it’s a good shortcut for google links :slight_smile:

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You could also have a look @zennoposter if you need to automate all sort of web-actions

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What you want to achieve actually? There are some bots who give visit(just like followers/fans/like) for visit to your site/page for exchange. For example addmefast bot. The benefit is, it have different IP address + different browser footprints.

There are too many service for fake visits, you can create your manual bots as well by using Zennoposter.

Or you can use Jarvee(with different proxy) as well, in which there is one module for “full browser experience” but for that I think(not sure) you need account of any service which they support like youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, Pinterest etc.

This. Zeno is great. I haven’t spent as much time with it as I should, but it can be very useful if used correctly

Customer since 2011 here but I haven’t used it very much the last time ^^

There’s a really nice script from a russian guy that automates almost everything of his IG-postings. I only wanted the part that grabs popular posts from VK-groups based on some algo, sort&randomize them but even with his PPT I can’t get it working :smile:

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