Tool to find trending Reels songs?

Does a tool exist out there to find a continuously updated list of the trending songs on Instagram Reels? (The ones with the trending arrow in the bottom left corner)

I’m not aware of any tool exactly.

However you need to consider that reels operate very similar on instagram compared to tik tok videos.

My suggestion would be to find the viral music on tik tok, and use this on IG reels too.

I haven’t heard about the tool that allows you that. I think that it’s still not available on Jarvee.

You can actually search for the term “trending” in the music tab. For trending sounds I dont think you can search for a list. You just need to watch some reels and you will get displayed the most trending sounds right now.

I honestly did not notice the trending arrow before on any song but I think this will be a good read >> What Are Trending Songs on Instagram Reels and How to Find Them