Tool to keep eyes on multiple IG accounts

is there any tool to check all accounts daily growth in one place? also how many follows / unfollow actions are getting done

Based on your post history I suspect that you are asking about controlling profiles with manual growth. I’ve been there and I can recommend you… Jarvee :slight_smile:. You don’t have to even log-in your “manual” clients or assign IPs to their accounts. Just put the account name, mark “use only EB” (without logging to API or EB) and mark as valid.

Since this moment this account will have specific statistics which are updating every hour/day/time you sync (I assume you have at least one slave account and you’ve marked “sync only with specific tagnames” option in settings).

It takes 30 seconds to add new account and you will have daily statistics with growth number, change in number of followings etc without even logging your client’s account.


Very clever idea… Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Yes, you can use Jarvee to monitor your accounts growth and bunch of other stuff, they offer a lot of methods to collect data… it worth a try.

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