Tool to reach hyper targeted personas

My plan is to first scrape users that I want to target based on competitors followers, then build a script to code the bio of these users to build a more narrow list of users matching with my niche. Then as a third step, to match the data with each user’s engagement rate and other parameters available.

In the end, I should have a few thousand hyper targeted users that I want to target directly through a combination of following/likes/comments/DMs. My background is more from data science and I’m quite a newbie when it comes to Instagram automation. Question is what bot you guys recommend in terms of targeting specific users directly? Some tools out there such as Follow Planner only seems to target the followers of specific accounts rather than being built around targeting specific users directly?

I get the whole follow/unfollow strategy, but it seems very random. Even if you find the perfect match in terms of a competitor to target followers from, only around 10%-20% is usually real followers that are truly interested and belong to your niche. The 80%-90% “junk” might be just as likely to follow-back, but they are unlikely to engage and will become ghost-followers hurting your engagement rate over time. Ultimately my goal is to create a process that effectively identifies real users with the right personas belonging to the 10%-20% group and target them with the perfect combination of engagement activities.

Scraping IG data and building the personas I think I have the right tools for, the question is which bot is the best to engage these users directly.

Any input/feedback highly appreciated!

Jarvee :slight_smile:

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The problem with your method is that you won’t know which sources have the highest follow back ratio. Some accounts even though have a targeted audience for some reason have a very bad fbr. Other are like gold mines and you want to focus on those.
I don’t know where you took those statistics but f/u per se is neither good nor bad. It depends who you target.

Perfect, thanks! Making a test with Jarvee targeting specific users.

I would rather have 1 fb that is engaging than 10 that is not engaging, so for my purpose, the fbr is not the holy grail. Instead, I am focusing on targeting users that have a high engagement rate in combination with location, interest etc. data. A good KPI for my purpose might be to multiply follow-back-rate with the engagement rate. The best way might be to set up specific test-groups, e.g. target accounts with 100-499 followers vs. 500-999 followers etc.

And that’s exactly what you can do with Jarvee. No need to reinvent the wheel. If you want something even more targeted you can extract the users in a CV file and apply all sorts of filters. Just saying.

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JV literally does what you need. Anything more and you would need to use spreadsheets with filters.

Yeah best way is to extract into excel using JV and working with the data from there.

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I can see right through your level 2 attaining efforts :joy:

In your experience what is the minimum amount of time to let a source run so as to have an accurate follow back ratio?

Depends but at least 100 follows in my experience.

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