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Good morning/afternoon/evening my fellow MP friends,
I don’t really know how to explain what I want, but here you can see it:

Does anyone of you know a good way to do that? I know this is an app which basically lets me do that. I don’t really care about the bucks but it’s kinda inconvenient that it’s a mobile application and I still have to create a picture first. Is there any good way to make it easier?
I was thinking of creating a big image in canva and then screenshotting the parts but I figured that wouldn’t really work out after all.

Just trying to create a profile grid? There are plenty of apps that do it. You could also find a photoshop template and create them manually if you want, and just upload in the right order.

Google has lots more app results, and they’re all pretty accurate :smirk:

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Thank you I’ll look at them. Unfortunately, the Instagrid Grids app puts its logo on the picture and I’d have to pay for premium to remove it. Worst case I’ll buy it but I am that type of guy that hates to spend money if it can be done for free ^^

PS: Can you give me a lmgtfy link? Like I said I really don’t know how to call it.

Oh, well that sucks. There’s gotta be one free one out there, I hope.

If you’re not averse to using Photoshop, it’s pretty quick and easy to make a template that you can use forever.

There’s a download for a premade one here, I think:


I am a complete photoshop noobie but I’ll try it out :smiley:
Thank you :wink:

Here, I made one for everyone to use:

Really straight forward.

  1. Open it, make sure you can view Slices (View > Show > Slices)
  2. Open the image you want to chop up, copy it and then paste it into that template on a new layer
  3. Position it however you like, by scaling it or whatever
  4. When done, go to File > Export > Save for Web
  5. Click the Save button (at the bottom of the save dialog make sure you choose “All Slices” from the the Slices dropdown)
  6. Wait for Photoshop, and you should have 9 image squares to upload

Wow! That sounds fairly simple indeed!
Thank you so much for your effort, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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This one is crude but doesn;t require photoshop.

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Worked like a charm!!!

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Which one?

Also, this site is like photoshop lite but in a browser so it’s easy to use. It won’t do the split, but it adds effects.

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I just tried yours and it worked instantly.

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