Tools I use for ordering / sorting different content

I really need to share these with you. For some of you they might be useful, for some it might not.

So, there we go:

1st tool

I use this if I have to extract a lot of hashtags for instagram. After I copy them from excel, I just paste them here to get rid of the spaces and to set them one next to another.
Instead of

I can have them as:
#hashtag #facebook #instagram or #hashtag, #facebook, #instagram

2nd tool

With this one I created lists of hashtags for my customers, mixed ones. Why? Because they struggle with finding hashtags and because it was easier for me to provide them 80 sets of 20 hashtags each.

Hope it helps :smiley:


The random word generator will be really helpful to gain some inspiration for brand names, bio, words to fill up the sentences for captions and yeah this does not just work for hashtags, it’s all about the creativity! Thanks for sharing such a great tool!


thanks for sharing this!

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Good share but I definitively love : Display Purpose for Hashtag generator. That’s a guy sharing on this forum and I find this tool really easy and amazing to use :wink:

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