[TOOLS OF THE TRADE] Consolidation of Tools For Your IG Journey


After going through the many different threads on MPSocial, I am thankful for what I have learnt and would love to give back to the community!

The generosity of the people in this forum who shares their knowledge, overall amazing stuff and tools is astounding.

Though you would have probably come across at least a few, I thought it would be a great idea to consolidate the majority of the tools that are listed from individual threads so that you guys can always come back to this one single thread to find the tools that you need for your business!

Most of the tools listed here are free to use, however some do require payment so it depends on you if you think it’s worth spending on!

IG Analytics Tools

  1. IGBlade is a tool that tracks and analyse your Instagram account. It will provide you data that will help you understand the growth of your account. You’re able to receive free PDF reports on your account upon signing up for a free account with them!

Courtesy thanks to @SheriffWoody for providing this tool for free!


  1. IGAudit is a tool you can use to track and understand the % of real followers of an account, giving you the insight to evaluate if the source is of higher quality or not.


  1. Evoig is a tool to track and analyse Instagram account as well, however this is a paid tool. It costs a dollar per account and the report will be available only for 30 days after your purchase.


  1. Socialblade is a tool similar to IGBlade but you can use it across 7 social media platforms (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion and Mixer) to track and analyse your account. Socialblade also tells you the ranking of your account and your ranking on Socialblade itself.


  1. Squarelovin gives you insights into your Instagram account growth. It is a tool where you can track your likes and followers, review posts and the interactions done on your account.


  1. Hype Auditor is a paid tool. It can be relatively expensive for starters as you have to pay to gain access for an analytical report on your Instagram account. You do however get more in-depth insights such as the demographic, language and the quality of your audience. I’ll be testing this tool really soon, and will share my insights gained.

Pricing: Packages start off with 1 credit at $30, followed by 10 credits at $99, and 50 credits at $349


  1. Geeksmash Instagram Calculator helps calculate your Instagram average engagement rate, an estimated cost per sponsored post and estimated cost per story you can charge. The estimated costs given are based on your engagement rate and follower count.


  1. Ninjalitics is very similar to IGBlade and Socialblade, it provides you data on your daily growth, engagement rate, best performing posts and most used Hashtags in the last 12 posts (only recorded in captions). Also, you can search up your competitor to know what 30 Hashtags they are using in their 12 last posts :raised_hands:


Syntax Spinning Tools

  1. Sp1n.me is a Spintax text generator that you can use to generate multiple outcomes and it provides you with some stats as well. The tool does not allow you to download the Spintax text generated, so you’ll have to copy paste it into a text file manually. So far this is the most efficient tool for spinning your Syntax!


  1. LinkCollider is similar to Sp1n.me, a spintax text generator that you can use to generate multiple outcomes, but it only displays the results in a 1 by 1 format. Whereas Sp1n.me will show you all the outcomes immediately. Might take awhile for you to see all of the different outcomes if your Syntax is long!


  1. Toolsvoid has a tab called Append String where you can include multiple variations of texts and append the text, emoticons or whatever you can think of to the end of every variation. For those who do not have much knowledge in Syntax, you can use search for Text to Syntax convertor tool and you will have your syntax generated!


Hashtag Tools

  1. DisplayPurposes is definitely a go-to tool whenever you are looking to research hashtag keywords for the niche you are interested in. It automatically filters out banned and spammy hashtags and provide you the relevant hashtags to the hashtags you are looking at.
    There’s a Tab called Map where you can zoom into and check the Hashtags that are used within your Country as well. The Graph Tab will also show you the extension of the Hashtag as well. Subjective, but definitely one of the best tools for Hashtag research!


  1. IQ Hashtags is an awesome tool you can use to check (unlimited times) for Hashtags that you are planning to use and it will tell you if it is spammy or banned. This prevents you from using any Hashtags that might cause your account/posts to be shadow banned!


  1. Hashtag Shuffle will help you shuffle up all of your Hashtags as you wouldn’t want to reuse the same Hashtags for every single post as it may result in leading you to a shadow ban!


Words Generator

  1. Random Word Generator is definitely a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal as it is able to generate words, sentences and phrases based on the conditions you provide it. Particularly useful if you are searching for ideas or inspiration for a brand name, bio and captions. You can be creative in how you use the tool.


  1. Name Lix is a tool you definitely can benefit from if you are struggling to look for a brand name, as we know that there are many names on the social media platforms that have been snatched up. This tool helps to find similar names to the original name associated with the business you are in.


  1. Twitter Bio Generator helps you to generate bios randomly. It might take awhile for you to generate a bio that is most relevant or appealing to you, but you just might get more ideas on how to set your bio up. As the name states, you might think it is just for Twitter but you can be creative and see how you can apply it to all Social Media Platforms!


  1. Fake Person Generator is very similar to Twitter Bio Generator but the key difference is that Fake Person Generator is able to provide 15 outcomes at once as compared to Twitter Bio Generator. I would go for Fake Person Generator if I were you!


  1. UINAMES is basically a random name generator which is displayed in a bio format. There are 60 regions you can generate names from as well!


Text Tools

  1. TextMechanic is great if you are looking to add prefix/suffix into your content, add/remove line breaks, helps you count, find and replace, combine and extract your texts.


  1. SortMyList helps you to organize, replaces, label, change uppercase, lowercases and great for separating your texts and lists.


Free Stock Photos

Unsplash, Burst by Shopify, Pexels are my top three go-to FREE stock photos platform! If you are searching for high quality images for your business. I highly suggest you to check them out. I’m certain you’ll be able to find some images/photos that might suit to your business. Definitely a great resource for those that might not be ready to hire a photographer.



Freepik, is my go-to FREE vector, and mock-up platform. If you’re using photoshop or illustrator to create content, you’re likely familiar with this resource. If it’s your first time hearing of freepik, I highly urge you check it out.

It has a premium membership feature that charges on a monthly basis, but there is a plethora of free resources available to your picking.


Hope you guys enjoy this consolidated list of tools!

Sensei Fuel.

Instagram analytics website\tool

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Cheers, I wanted the community to be able to find, I wouldn’t say all but most of the tools in one place.


Hey, this is a really great list! I would add uinames.com for names if you want to create slave accounts and fakepersongenerator.com as bio generator


This is an unbelievable post! Thanks so much for this, truly! :slight_smile: Giving back at it’s finest.
Question - I’ve been trying a few of these follower trackers and I haven’t found one that can actually track how many followers an account is losing vs. Gaining. Do you know if one of these can track that?


Keep them coming buddy, hopefully this thread will be one of the most consolidated level 1 thread for tools on the forum!


I think it is really hard to measure this :thinking:


Yah exactly. I have a client who keeps losing about 50 followers a day and she doesn’t really believe me lol.
Also you can track it in the new “creater” tab. But I don’t really want to log into her account.


Yes, hopefully! I forgot to mention http://ninjalitics.com
You can create a list with many accounts and have the analytics on one page.

I use this to add all my slave accounts in one list and watch if one is not following/gaining Followers that day, because than it’s a signal that this account is blocked/banned


I do not know of any browser tools that can track gain vs loss but you can try out FollowMeter for Instagram but it’s an app on Android.


Does this track the unfollowers?
And does it require you to sign in to the account?


Ah yes, forgot to include Ninjalitics as it is very similar to IGBlade. Another great alternative :facepunch:t2:


creator accounts show how many unfollowed you in insights. there at this time is no way to code that in any way as these apis are not implemented as far as I know. possibly in the future.


Yes yes I mentioned that. I can see that no problem on my personal. But it’s hard because I don’t want to have to sign into client accounts that I am running mother slave for. I would have to purchase a mobile proxy just to sign in. And this particular client is a pain when it comes to two factor authentication and having extremly extremly long and frustrating passwords that she can never get right so I’m sitting there trying then for an hour. Haha. She’s like really superstitious.


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