Tools to Mass edit twitter accounts?

I am wondering what tools there are out there that can mass edit twitter accounts outside of jarvee’s version. it has not been working for me :pensive:
I need to be able to do bio with spin text, name, and profile pic.

Any suggestions??

I don’t know some other reliable tools other than Jarvee for that but I’m wondering why Jarvee doesn’t work for you? do you get some errors? did you contact Jarvee support about that?

I was initially but I just let it run cause it wasn’t doing anything and it eventually edited the 70 accounts I put in. it just took like 4-5 hours.
Not sure if it should be taking that long and if there is a way to speed that up but at least it did it I guess.

It might be related to the number of primary embedded browser setting in Settings > Embedded browser tab or your accounts were busy doing actions from the other tools.

so it did work no errors showed and yes what ossi said is right, the 4-5 hours are most likely caused by the EB doing other actions because JV has a logic of priority try to increase those numbers (EB) and see how it goes