🛠[Tool] Instagram Hashtag Rank Checker 🛠

thank you…seems to work. Just thinking…which one of my post are in…possibly add a bitmap image of post? …just a idea…
thank you again! :slight_smile:

Good idea, i’ll try to do that.

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  • Added total post count indicator
  • Added clickable image preview of the ranking post
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beautiful!! thank you.

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Hi! i want to use your tool but it show me this message every time “Sorry, no hashtags are ranking at the moment.” and i don’t understand why! I’ve try to put hash and user in every mode possible but nothing different is happened :sweat:

Wow, this is why I came here! What an awesome tool thank you! :raised_hands::clap::pray:

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Doesn’t work for me. Says No Hashtags Ranking at the Moment…but I’m ranking for my own.

Pm me ur hashtags and usernames, i’ll investigate further. @paulmic20 @bgfit

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My bad @hvp17. I was doing it wrong.

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it also tells me Sorry, no hashtags are ranking at the moment.
what im doing wrong?

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Well the error message is quite self explanatory, you’re not ranking for any hashtags.
You can pm me your username i’ll check manually and then compare it with output of my site.


Is this tool still available? The link isn’t working for me. Looks very useful!

I’m in the works of reworking it and adding it to a much bigger application, i’ll give updates when it will be available again.


That’s great news! Thanks for all of your hard work

Application Error.
Are you using free plan?
Can’t access the tool.

read the post above

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oh okay. my bad.

The website you share don’t work : Application error
An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. If you are the application owner, check your logs for details.

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this is never working…

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folks…he took it down for further development. its a hell of a good tool…just wait until he gives us the okay to go back…jeez…read above.