Tools with preventive measure and solutions for action blocks?

What Instagram tools are currently in the market that have preventive measure (with in built features) and solutions (with in built features) for actions blocks that one might face due to using that tool/automating using that tool?

In Jarvee there is auto re-login feature. We can also treat action blocks as temporary blocks and suspend the tool or make the account have delayed status. There is also an option to enable automatic follow/unfollow. If the follow tool gets blocked, you can set Jarvee to switch to Unfollow tool, and vice versa.

What other solutions and preventive measures do you have in mind?


I believe every tool has features but JV is so far the best. They have setting to control almost everything. They also suggest you with safe settings if you contact their support team.

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suppose we get an action block, can we stop that particular action?
if yes, can we automatically resume the same action as the block recedes?
if yes, can we automatically set up, at which rate the action resumes (eg. 60% of the original rate etc) and then increase x% per day/week till it reaches its original rate that was before the action block?

I think you should purchase JV and try it out. It will help you in the learning process if you experience the problems on your own.

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Jarvee is probably your best bet for that.


If you get an action block, and you set Jarvee to treat the action block as temporary block, and you have the following option checked, the tool will be suspended after it gets blocked. it will not try to execute actions during the suspension period.

Let’s say your account gets blocked, the tool will be suspended for 20-30 minutes. After that the tool will try again to do an action. If it gets blocked again (your account gets 2nd consecutive block), the tool will be suspended again for 360-720 minutes.

Yes, the tool will resume automatically.

no, you will have to adjust the settings manually if you want to use lower settings after the block.

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you will find much more flexibility and options on Jarvee and constant updates

My question is not about preventions and solution but the tools that has them. And the tools apart from Jarvee

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you can try it, they have 5 days trial :wink:

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Action blocks happen not because of the tools but mostly because how robotic our settings are! That being said, of course half of the softwares out there are outright garbage and can be detected but i can tell you that Jarvee, atleast for now cannot be detected.

Now coming to the question of why one gets action blocks - because we use robotic settings. For example, one might argue that you have set the tool to action 10-30 likes per operation with a wait time of 5-60 seconds betwen each action. And a wait time of 30-120 mins between each operation. So this is definitely not robotic, why should we get blocked.

The answer is, timing of a sequence of actions is just one part. The way we search, the after actions and a lot of other things form the major part.

When we normally browse through instagram, we just dont go and like pictures using URLs a 100 times over, do we? Or do we just keep scrolling through hashtag after hashtag? We like posts from our feed, we like from hashtags, explore page, people we might search for, tagged photos and so on. Now, if one can incorporate the bot to search for a lot of things within one operation, while still keeping the majority of the searches to what we intend to target, it will run without problems

Without spoon feeding, here is the gist. Use the ranking number tool for sources. Keep it to 1 for feed, explore etc where you dont want to do more searches and keep it as 4 for hashtags, people who interacted with target accounts - where you want to search more. So if you complete 6 operations, in most of the cases, it woud be like 4 operations would be on hashtags and 1 on feed and 1 from explore.

Now how do we bundle all those into one operation? We, keep the wait time between operations to be like 2 mins. And keep the actions per operation to be like 5-9. So if you are running 6 operations, you like 42 posts, from various sources. Now add random sleep time after 6-8 operations. So your bot will take rest after liking 40-50 pictures, but the search is human like. Also make use of save posts, story viewer etc after actions.

This is a simple explanation, you can make it even more complex and get as creative as you can and trust me, you will love jarvee!


Wow! that was insightful. Thank you for explaining in detail.

I am a Mac user, also, can’t afford proxies or JV subscription. But I guess I found my own way of automation (kinda browser based automation). Your points had completely slipped out of my thoughts while I designing the automation. Thanks again. Will let you know once it starts working :v:

@Karthik_A Said it best. At the end of the day Jarvee is an bot (just like all other automation softwares). It is up to you the user to use it and try different things out to make it act like a human. There ARE tools like nightmode, contextual actions, action delays, random off days, etc but it means nothing if you do not know how to utilize them to emulate a human.


Thank you for detailed explanation

This is really a great explanation! Thank you!

Nice one, thanks :pray: :pray:

Great explanation, thanks for your tips!

One more tip, dont make the number of actions per operations too small. it will increase the API calls. Keep it between 7-15. I found that optimal. But again, with more testing you might find better settings and better ways. Keep testing and keep crushing


yes, i was able to do way more than that a few days ago i was able to do 30-40 actions per operation with no blocks for more than 4 days. i think that a big number of actions per operation might be a good idea to test.