Top Hashtags Across All Posts

Is there a way to do hashtag research on my combined posts to figure out what hashtags are engaging people the most? I see this in a lot of other areas but it don’t see it for a large index only for specific posts like in the Like Exchange

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Sounds way too complicated to be made by a third party with all the AI from insta and their constant changes

Plus, each hashtag top feed is curated to an account. Adds more complexity.

Just sounds expensive to build


This is definitely impossible.

The closest alternative would be to take a look at your Business Insights to see which posts are performing best, and to extract your post information from Jarvee and draw conclusions from that data.

If you click on ‘See all’ next to ‘Posts’ in your Business Insights you can find useful data on each post, including how many followers you gained as a direct result of each post.

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But IG could introduce options, that every hashtag we gave, shows how many entries, etc.: D
I wonder why they do not want to introduce it?
People would buy less ads, although it does not make sense.
Too much work can be there.

1 Like have a feature show you the best perfoming hashtags on your profile and the number of people engaged with this hashtags.


They might know and have that data

But giving that away might deter ppl from using certain hashtags? Or from the ads like you said.

Some API hashtag trackers exist I think though. Doesnt later offer this in their scheduling tool analytics?

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You’re right.
But they could introduce it to corporate accounts :slight_smile: For better data as in the case of FB ADS etc.

They actually do have that data and they have had it on a test period at least!

My friends were travelling in South East Asia a few months ago (I think Myanmar) and they showed me their analytics behind their posts with hashtags ranked by how many impressions to the post each # gave!

The feature disappeared once they left the country though.

I got hyper excited for it to launch soon but haven’t heard anyone talk about it since.

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Later does have Hashtag Analytics but it’s based on post data where posts contain a specific hashtag. All reporting is based on post engagement (likes, comments, reach, etc.) for posts with the hashtag (among many others).

Hashtag discovery insights with impressions, impression share, and CTR would be a true dream. Can’t say that will ever happen, though.

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Agree with that 100% also if you can’t check it as you’re not a business account yet don’t be scared to change it to a business account - it does not decrease the reach or have any negative impact in my experience.

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You all are so amazing. Thank you for your responses

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Does that mean that with Myanmar proxies you can already test these advanced hashtag analytics on all accounts?! :sunglasses:

Hashtags are all trial and error. I would always post relevant hashtags that have anywhere from 10k- 100k total posts.

hard times also for likes guys

Not sure! Would be interesting to test! But I’m not 100% sure it was Myanmar, could have been Vietnam as well. I’ll ask my friend.

Now just hunting for Myanmar proxies lol

for check what hashtag that engaging more,still hard to detect
but,if your account is business account.
what we can detect is,what hashtag that make traffic to your post or profile