Top Notch MPSocial LVL1-LVL3 [Guide]


i agree to everything in your lvl 2 req , barring 1 pt-that u need to get200 likes.i asked on the thread for basic newbie guides, unless i know some basic info , how should i contribute to get 200 likes?



Hey what’s up Genius!

I’m a really new user here as well and I’m up to 50+ likes within 2 weeks of activity. I’d say the best thing to do is first and foremost, if you have any previous online skills create a guide for those skills. I have a background in dropshipping so made guides about that.

If you don’t have any former skills that would be applicable just engage in conversation. If you are reading a new thread with a bunch of stuff you don’t understand (such as sms verification and PVAs) then try to do a little background research in other places on the internet. Learn what the previous posters are talking about and then either try to teach yourself from other sources so you can add to the conversation, or ask a question yourself.

Other than that reviving old threads is always a decent way if they are still relevant as well as engaging in the more funny posts that are here such as the threads with jokes/songs/memes.

Hope this helps!
From another newbie with love haha


So glad that even 3 months later I still have activity on this thread. Welcome welcome welcome all newcomers :blush:


What do I do when I want to share my knowledge but complete dickheads come in and try to bash it?


LOL. All day every day. Don’t listen to the haters. Sharing is caring in this community. Do not share too much though or someone will simply take your idea and run it verbatim.


Yoo-hoo! So, where should I send this money for the level up?


D’oh, it was just a fake…
(Please don’t ban me!)


Awesome :relaxed: