Top Notch MPSocial LVL1-LVL3 [Guide]

All my Level 1 users, hurry, I just found a way to hack MPSocial! Pm me, and for 3 easy, low cost payments of $947.99, you can be upgraded to the prestigious Level 10 that only @BrandonBerner and @wortime can access! Never let your level come into question again!

Nah, if you can’t tell by now, I don’t have magical powers that can do that (@Adnan you can take your finger off the Ban Button now :wink:). Honestly though, your Sensei is here today to show you, a fresh Level 1 newbie, how to obtain the highest ranks possible here at MPSocial. Our topics of discussion are as follows:

  1. Why the ranking system is the way it is.
  2. The best way to advance ranks.
  3. Closing thoughts.
    Now. Let us begin.

1) Why the ranking system is the way it is.

Okay, so this concept is still kind of new to me, but I’ll explain it best as I can. The easiest way to look at the knowledge here is like a pyramid.

Each level of the pyramid are the varying levels of advance strategies, concepts, etc. Top guru info is at the peak, with advanced concepts in the middle, and general knowledge as the base.

Now, I already know what you’re thinking. “Jayyy, why in tarnation do I have to give an arm and a leg for Level 3?!?” Slow your roll, I’ll explain. The thing about a pyramid is… the top can’t be supported without a strong base. Look. I’m bout to dish out some tough love. I’ve been combing through a bunch of posts, not just recent, and have seen the same thing again and again by Level 1’s. They think that it’s unfair that all the high level people aren’t spilling all the top guru info. Let me break it down even further. This isn’t the @BrandonBerner show.

As much knowledge I know he has and everyone wants, put yourself in his shoes. Every single day you’re slammed with pm’s, with questions you’ve probably answered before. Every single day you watch newbies come in and fight to the death. You’ve seen the ups, downs, twists and turns ever since you’ve joined back in November 2016. All you want is a cup of coffee. I don’t know about you, but this is how I’d feel if I were him.

I’ve seen a lot of people spazz out because the top info is hidden. Fancy this though… what if it wasn’t???

I know I just blew your mind, let me finish though. Having everything opened would be terrible. There would be absolutely no reason for any newcomer to give value here at all. People would come and take what they need and go. What would that make people like @BrandonBerner do? Probably pack up and start their own forums where all their effort and work would be appreciated. And guess what, those forums would be locked too :joy:

You see, nothing worth anything is free. A strong stable romantic relationship doesn’t happen in a week, it takes yearsss of effort and time. A shot at an investor forking over millions for your startup isn’t going to fall out the sky. It takes effort, research, and sometimes money. For example, it costs $10,000/hr to just speak with Mark Cuban!

All that to say this, MPSocial is a community, so let’s treat it as such. Alright, enough beating on ya, let’s get you advancing :wink:

2) The best way to advance ranks.

Alright, now that you’ve got the right mindset, let’s get into the practical stuff. What I’m about to teach you will get you into Level 3 the fastest way possible. This strategy is very simple:

“Absorb value and then give it back”

This cycle will turn the wheel that will drive you to Level 3.

Once again, I know what you’re thinking: JAY, there ain’t no value in this here pile of general knowledge!
I beg to differ. I spent 5 hours when I first joined this forum, absorbing all the “general” knowledge I could. Guess what? I found some gems that I could apply in this present moment. And I’m no rookie, I’ve been into Instagram for about a year, and have bought a few courses. I can tell good info when I see it. Then what did I do? I gave back with what I knew.

Everyone is given the same amount of time in the day, it’s just about what you accomplish with it. Lets look at some account stats here to help explain. (Disclaimer: if you recognize these accounts, please don’t spazz out if it’s yours. My intention is not to bash anyone, but demonstrate an example.) Alright, check out account #1

Now #2

And finally #3

What are your first impressions? Notice how even though the Days Visited are virtually the same, the rest of the stats are vastly different. Which account do you see has absorbed the most value in that time? Given the most back with posts and topics? Which do you think has a higher chance of getting promoted to Level 3? Realizing this, choose which one you want to be.

3) Closing thoughts.

Take this information for what it is. I know I talked about @BrandonBerner a lot as not being king, but there’s plenty more amazing people I’ve seen. @HenryCooper, @euhero, @dmc0245, @ian, @Babs, and @wortime just to name a few. Remeber everyone, this is a community, and you’re apart of it.

Now. This took me 7 hours to make, so if you chose right and took this info as value, or just had a good time laughing at my horrible jokes, go ahead and share some love by leaving a like :heart:


There you go… :slight_smile: :heart: from me.

Nicely explained.


Thanks very kindly, I tried my best :slight_smile:


Fuck BB, Im the only king around here!

Lel, I dont contribute shit. Im just here for the LVL 7 money button :wink:


Haha. Nice post except that the new and better Brandon Berner is @HenryCooper. More knowledge and kinder :wink:


Yeah I got more knowledge about the fact that I know nothing :smiley:


All of you guys are hilarious :joy:


Who the fck is dmc0245???



Great insight bro !

By the way is there paypal money generator in LvL 3 section ?

Been looking for a while now :smile:

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Thanks bro!

And I actually have no idea, I guess we’ll have to see in the future :ok_hand:

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I was wondering why it wasn’t showing! Haha sorry, I was writing this at 3am this morning :joy:


Thanks for the shoutout. lol. :heart_eyes:

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Very helpful guide for someone new like myself! Although I wonder; would it be true (or beneficial for the site in the long run) to always say that more is better, to level up?

In the best-case-scenario that people have no issues in keeping up the quality of the contributions and discussions that are posted on this site regardless of the quantity they contribute, well, the answer is quite clear.

However, if quantity is indeed the main focus, isn’t there a more likely chance that the quality of posts may get watered down by those simply trying push their numbers? My thought is that I compare it to how one would prefer good engagement rate and not just a ton of followers.

In your question with examples, in choosing one of the accounts, #2 has better like received per post ratio, yet the question seems to be worded in a way that makes #3 out to be the “obvious” choice.

What do you think?


Welcome to the forum buddy!

Excellent speculation, I can see what you mean. Here’s what I think of it:

Posts are simply a total of the replies that a user has given. It could be answering a question in the forum, thanking someone else for sharing, or even a joke. So you’ll find that those rack up pretty easily as you interact with the forum.

Another thing, this forum is pretty easy at spotting people who are trying to bs their way into advancing. And don’t mind pointing it out :joy: so you just have to remeber that if you expect people to like your topics that you create, it has to be something that actually brings them value. One thing that I noticed in my time so far, a lot of people ask questions or give info that’s already been discussed. Even as a newcomer accessing LVL1 topics, there’s hundreds of threads you can find using the handy dandy search function.

Don’t be discouraged though and think there aren’t anymore available subjects to speak on. Everyone here can learn from your own experiences, because it’s unique to you. If you check out my topics, I have a hashtag guide even though that’s a well known subject. But I gave what I knew, and everyone seems to value it.

The accounts in the example shouldn’t be looked at like an Instagram account. You can’t just like a post from someone and then they return just because. The accounts should be looked at as value givers. Which one looks to be putting in the most effort, by it’s likes, topics, posts etc.

Let me know if I’m making any sense :sweat_smile::ok_hand:


Great guide :smiley: easy to follow ! gj @Jay3 …now I’ll be lvl 10 in no time !!


Hahaha very good I am here amusing with this post. :joy: :joy: :joy:

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very nice. thank you :slight_smile:

HAHAHAHA. I laughed at the first sentence. Way to go! You are so impressive.

I love how much effort you put into your posts. Fun and very informative!