Top posts demoted to recent! is this a ban ? shadow ban

yesterday ALL my top posts, posts that been top posts for 6 months (in low hashtag categories), all of them (10-15) have been demoted down to a lowly “recent” post. All wiped out to a belittling recent post. I mma nobody, and feelin the grams punishment. Is my engagement going to get wiped out after this? I m just a dog, but I got a big ego and an active following. Where does this instagod live, so I can go pee on their gender neutral door.

When this happened 2 days ago, I did one post that got 900 likes and got top post in 12 hashtag categories
1)I used telegram group for autodrop (so I did no liking), I probably received 200 likes over 35 hours from this large group. 700 likes were from my own followers Does insta know people are clicking from telegram to “like”
2) used 2 iPhones at once for about 10 minutes, logged into the same account. I have 2 iPhones, iPad and desktop logged in. Is this bad?
3) I unfollowed about 20 people, manually but definitely too rapidly over about 15-20 minutes. I also may have rapidly commented too much about 12 comments.
3)used 30 hashtags in my first comment, none of them banned or overused, I noticed in comments and few people posted an additional 2 hashtags, would other people posting hashtags on my post get mean trouble?
4) just noticed on a post 6 months old, there was one banned hashtag, so I deleted that.

Any advice on what happened to me? im not using bots, have lots of real engagement, comments and I m just this one account.

Maybe they weren’t getting that much engagement compared to the other top posts?


NO! not at all, a post I made 2 days ago that was in “top” posts in 12 categories, wiped out to recent post in all hashtags
older posts 6 months ago in various hashtag categories …gone to recent posts.
this all happened on the same day, as I had just checked them before and after
I assume a sort of shadow ban, googled it and not much about it.

they are back now after almost 24 hours of disappearing.
I removed an app from apps and websites on the desktop version of instagram
this app is a small engagement group to time comments together, I guess they had API token/access…do you think this was the problem? I used that engagement group for 5 comments
the day before this happened

Doesn’t seem to be a shadow ban, since it would affect your post from the start.

But yeah, it does seem like you might be into some shady stuff with auto pods and giving access to some apps.

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