Top posts not changing, is it just for me?

Just wondering if this is a glitch or is anyone else is noticing this too.

I’ve noticed the top posts for the main hashtag in my niche has been the same since the 4th of Feb. I can’t say for certain they’re ALL the same posts, but I can recognise a few posts I noticed that have just remained at the very top of the top posts. I scrolled and looked at a few random posts as samples and they’re all dated around the 3rd/4th of Feb.

I looked at a few other hastags, some related to my niche, others that aren’t, and noticed majority of the top posts I checked are from around the 30th of Jan.

I’m wondering why IG is showing me such old posts, and if this is a thing, could it effect potentially hitting explore if it’s doing similar to other accounts?

I have checked randomly a few small hashtags today in the morning that I used yesterday and the photo I posted yesterday and the majority of the other are quite new (1-3 days). Are the hashtags that you are looking at popular?

Thanks for that, I had another look and it still seems to be the same, most top posts are from before or around the 4th of Feb. The hashtags are quite large too, one of the main ones I like to check is at 9 million so has quite a constant amount of new photos being posted.

I hope it’s just a glitch :grimacing:

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I don’t know how big your engagement is straight after you post, but sometimes it’s just hard to make it to the top 9 or so, especially if posts sitting there already have thousands of likes and comments.