[TOP SOURCES] 30/40/50% followback ratio followers free for you!


what numbers?

Any numbers on engagement on this sources?

50% fb results(in 97% of the times) in a very, very poor quality follower


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Haha Great to see some of my accounts :smirk:


How do you automatically filter with jarvee to drop accounts that don’t perform as well.

Say you pick 20 accounts… then 5 are performing the best

I know there is a setting where you can pick like 10, 9, 8 , 7 for source


In your Follow tool, all the way down:

Here’s an example removing sources after 100 follows if they are <10% FB



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Thank you for listing my accounts :frowning:


Great resource. Thank you!


I think this list is great and I really appreciate your efforts posting it here.

I do think the ‘VACATION’ category heading is off target. It is all young girls in bikinis (and very attractive ones).

Normally ‘Vacation’ would be Travel Photography type profiles. What are your thoughts?


Nice, would you mind sharing which methods you used to find these sources and follow backs ratio you received?


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will try! thanks!


Better if u search Mpsocial Powerlikes instead.
U can go viral on the forum with them.


Best answer lol


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what i also experienced is that you use follow sources of: follow followers of target accounts and ALSO (VERY IMPORTANT) “Follow followers of own followers”!
the follow back ratio is much higher too.

I let Jarvee follow 30% of followers of target accounts and 70% the followers of my own followers. This is a very goood option for growth.

The people whom you follow then sees “oh wow one of my followers already are following this guy” and the chance that they are following you back is bigger as usually.

Did someone made the same experience?


Yes, you might get a lot of followbacks but what is the reason? They won’t be targeted and interested in your personality/product or whatever account you run. But if you are in meme niche it could be great idea :slight_smile: