[TOP SOURCES] 30/40/50% followback ratio followers free for you!


This I do agree with :slight_smile: The point of growing an account is generally to be niched


have you source for food niche?


how would go around refreshing these / not using sources you’ve used before?

At the moment i have mine to remove bad quality sources and keep the decent ones.


Your goal could be a great engagement.
Your goal could be reach a number of follower for client for a social proof.

It all depends by the goal.


And then once that happens, you can really hone in on exactly what the target audience is for that specific account.


The method for finding best sources is take the one that have a good follow back ratio and then search related one.

For best performance, you have to refresh your sources every 10/14 days.


Yes, I agree with you.
I’ve tried anything.
and found 2 best method.
Account with more than 10k like per post and some account that use same method with us.


How are they working for you now you’ve tried them for almost a month? Any follow back data to share?


These ones converted for me pretty decent for the last two weeks!


my souces are top. I don’t share junk information with this community, like some people say


wow Dude that is super Kind thing to do sharing Valuable sources with us oh gosh
thanks ill starting checking them out manually :smiley:


going to post a free method for getting top source when got to 2 nd level. top work free for the community


You must share, before, TO get on lvl2.
Not if so than so…

Though I must say that I love your way of auto-judging yourself.


Lollllll. Barth coming for you, Kozy.


@Bartholomeo oh dammit you beat me lmao.


We did it!
As promised we will publish a complete guide for the search of the target audience and sources of the highest quality :slight_smile:

stay up to date

thanks a lot MP Social for the great opportunity


Kindly check your PM. thanks


Oh I never tried this. I think should give it a try


Good post. I will definately try it. What is your method for getting good fb/engagement ratio sources?


Now we will all share followers <3 how good haha

Jokes aside, thanks for the post!