Totally lost.. I want to learn how to grow my own group

Hello Mass Planner people,

As the tittle suggested I am stuck in the world of mass planner and need help on how to grow my own group.

  • I have purchased an aged FB account (2 years old)
  • From this account I have added a few fake personnel details, nothing very detailed.
  • I have created a FB group from this account. This is intended to be a legitimate group for our start up and we would like to grow it and offer members valuable information to create leads.

How to I grow my Group and not my fake personnel account??

I have activated the auto accept tool plus like campaign on niche specific keywords
Plus I have set up and I am slowly applying to joining niche related groups.
Can some one please explain a safe way to grow my Niche specific FB group…

Thank you in advance


First, I think you’ll need more profiles.

What I would do in this case is add 10 profiles and warm them up nicely. Then I would join 5-10 niche related groups in next couple of days.

Then you can start extracting users from those groups and sending them friend requests. After they accept your friend requests, you can start inviting them to your group.

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Thanks @Adnan,

I will look into this as an option…

Just how detailed do your fake profiles need to be?? and were is a good source of images and supporting content??


Make your profiles look really good, they’ll last longer. Profile pic, cover pic, couple pics on the wall, all from the same girl (if you’re going to be a girl :slight_smile: )

You can get multiple images from same girl on IG. Use repost tool to scrape them and easily post them to your FB account through campaign.

Post to your wall regularly, 1-2 per day. Just some text statuses (quotes) or images (quotes) which you can also get on IG or Pinterest through Mass Planner.

Don’t forget to add current city, school and other details in your profiles. All this can be done in 15 minutes :wink: - per profile.

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Thanks once again for the great info…

Looks like I got a bit more work to do…

Have a great day…

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