Tracking Private Follow Requests (Manual F/UF)

Hey experts, While growing with manual F/UF I am following both public and private profiles.
Suppose I follow 50 people where 25 is private users, so my followings in Instagram increase by 25 as another 25 is requests to private accounts. Now I counted while I follow so I know the total accounts I followed+requested.
Now, is there any way to know how many private accounts I requested each day without counting while following? Cause an employee can misuse and tell lies. So I need to track myself. Also, It’s 6k per month (both follow+requests?) so we should know how we are doing.
Again, How do I know which private users I sent requests yet?

yes bro you ca know how many follow request
just go to the settings - security - View Account Data - ( Current follow requests ) and click view all . you will be able to know how many follow request .

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This shows the usernames with a “View More” button but not the number of accounts you requested.

after you finish your work you can count them

it’s easier to open your IG account on your laptop/PC browser, then visit copy all usernames, and you can use excel to count or this site

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If you request 50-80 private users per day it’s a headache doing each day. But it’s good as there is no other way I guess.