Tracking Proxy IPs and Uptime

Any one using ( The api version? Any other similar services?


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looks interesting

Their registration doesn’t work and the support inbox mail returned inbox full/invalid.

Looks like the perfect honeypot.

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Maybe a self hosted option out there? Can’t be that hard. Anyone?

Could be a way to steal peoples proxies

Uptime Kuma is a self hosted option for example.
Zabbix also.
Anyone use it?

For your own proxies or “third party” proxies?

For proxies where you have the login details, own or 3rd party.

I can recommend Grafana Cloud, they have a free hosted offering for metrics, logs, alerts etc.
If they are your own proxies you’ll probably get more value by monitoring from the inside.

For blackbox style testing maybe just curl + cron + uptimekuma or any other heartbeat uptime monitoring.

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