Traffic to csgo jackpot site

Hi. I very need players who could actually play with skins on good and pretty old jackpot site. Site is already pretty much active, with some players on it.It has a good quality design and all that stuff. I just need gamblers , people who could gamble on my site. So maybe someone of you could recommend me any traffic source for that? Gambling youtubers are very expensive nowadays and most of them sponsored by big case opening sites. For that I could pay good! Thank you!

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Good luck with that.

Gambling is one of the toughest niches to promote, there’s so many competitors with a huge budget…

Your best shot is social media marketing, especially Facebook.

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I always wanted to get into the gambling niche. It sounds like a lot of legal issues come with it but I would definetly use social media and follow ppl who already gambled ex. Csgowild . You could also pay a YouTube influencer to give u some fake reactions ex. Project syndicate, Tmartin

Yeah, but it can be true for any niche. :smiley:
There is so big competition out there in gambling niche and it can be tough to get green lights for all of those legal papers. At least in my country it’s really under control, I bet it’s the same in the USA or other countries too. :slight_smile:

Yeah i would forget about SEO and go with social media but there is plenty of competition i wouldn’t even touch the UK market

USA sports is pretty untapped if you have knowledge on sports have a good aff program