Transfering OG Username

So I am buying a OG Username but I want to transfer the name to my account. But what I have heard is that there are people with tools running og username claim. How would I go about changing the username to my account without one of these tools claiming the name.

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You risk it for the biscuit.
No way to get around it.
Make sure the OG username account has the creation email,
or you will probably get scammed.
Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

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I actually had to hunt down the owner. What if he uses it as his personal email lol? and can’t give his personal email. The account was built in 2013, it’s my first name. And he haven’t posted since 2013.

If the account has the creation email. I wouldn’t try changing it, I would just change the email and keep his email but I don’t think he could give that email away knowing it’s his personal email that he probably use for business stuff.

The real question is can you afford losing the money you are going to pay for it?
Because its a gamble. He can recover the username whenever he wants with creation email.

I know that, so it’s either I change the username to something else and try to capture it on my account or get the og email, right?

Even if you switch the username he can recover the username. There is no 100% safe way of doing it with out owning the account and the creation email.

I use to have multiple one word @names and I have had people “hack” them and switch the username, and I just report my account as hacked and I get my username back and account.

oh nice, i’ll see what I can do. How much would you pay for the account @mikey on IG. I am just trying to see the price.

It is worth ALLOT, and if the person that owns it is trying to sell it to you, they are scamming you 99.999999999%

I don’t know who owns it. Noone is trying to sell it to me. I am saying how much would you pay for it, if you were buying instagram handles, and the account wasn’t verified or anything, just a few followers

I wouldn’t but it.

PM me the username. Ill let you know what i think its worth.