Translating the UI of a software

Dear Forum!
I got a problem that I was dealing with in the last couple of days.
I’m looking for a possibility to translate the UI of a software - referring to translating the language. Im not the owner of the software, just a user - but the software is in a foreign language that I can’t understand. So I’m basically looking to translate the software to english.

I’ve been looking for Software Localization, Screen Translators but couldn’t find anything.
Maybe you know some softwares, applications, services that could help me.


Are you trying to translate IAM? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just use a translator from google play store, take a photo and it will translate and give it to you in english or any language that you prefer!

thanks for the fast answer! Could be useful to translate IAM but that’s not what I’m looking to translate :wink: . Tried it with the photo taking but it’s sadly way to stressful haha!

Download the Google translate app in your phone and take photos of the UI.

Google Translate can read images and super impose the translation on your image so you will know exactly what button does what.

I used to translate restaurant menus (classic folder menus printed on paper) when I was on vacation.

Is a great tool.