[Travel niche] Multi Level Marketing business

So, as the title says, I am going to ask a few questions about this and I really want to hear answers from the people who understood the concept, from the people who think this is a big scam and for the people who still didn’t decide if they should or if they shouldn’t go for this.

Now, we are all marketers here, and obviously we try to sell our stuff in the best ways we can.
Now, let’s say you have an opportunity to join an MLM business on travel niche.
I’m not going to give names for now because I know the subject is pretty sensitive at the moment.
And let’s suppose you have few travel businesses around Instagram, Facebook or even your website.
You have a propaganda machine and you have built an audience for it.

You can offer people a chance to travel cheaper by booking directly with your business or you can show them the business straight away and because it is a very well built system, you can benefit more from showing them what’s about through the propaganda machine you just built.

What would you do? Join the business and cash-in from only giving them the invoices for their travel experience, or you pay it forward and build an army that can boost you out of the financial discomfort? (I assumed some of you might have a financial discomfort. You might not.)

Hint: I’m inside this business at the moment and I’m trying to build an army with wolves. Because this business, as many others, is having success because there are wolves and sheep out there.

not quite clear what you are asking, can you rephrase your question in a more concise and clear way


Never ever you can make a decent and serious income being part of a mlm.

starting one, then you will…


Not even trying to get rich with that. Doing it as a side hustle next to my insta stuff.

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EDIT: It depends on what level people are recruited at, but if you are asking people to join, there’s a good chance those spots are long gone.


Love this! Sadly, it ain’t an offer for overnight succes. What I am aiming is to really have oppinions from you guys. I’m gonna stay in this because it might help me at some point. And yes, I need to ask people to join. That’s how it works. 1 click - 10 cents :smiley:

Send me details. I’ll bite.

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Be careful, it’s my first time :kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::crazy_face::point_right::ok_hand::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


I actually know some people who I havent seen for years and sended me a message like that. No offense @bakedcookie but the way they wanted to get me was so poor, I felt sad for them.


This is why exactly I want to pull off something different.
The only reason I joined was because the guy who approached me, actually started to travel in the last two years and I saw that on his insta.
His speech let me down, but the fact that I really didn’t expect him to do such a job, shocked me.
Overall, i thought abkut this not twice, but 3 times, because I have encountered this in the past and I really didn’t understand how it works.
Now I’m using social media as a propaganda mechanism. This changes everything in the game for me personally.

This is how it is and how I felt about it.
I didn’t exagerate or oversaid anything.
I don’t want you to get me wrong. Not trying to do a big deal on this forum. I just wanna know your opinions about it and ask you, if worked properly, what results could have with the curent state of social media marketing.

If one was really smart… You would get all the influencers in your “niche” of MLM and have them promote it and them be at the top (right under you)… So basically you have influencers promoting your MLM and they get a %.

That way you grow the business insanely fast


So I’ve been dabbling in a travel MLM and I’m building out slave accounts to promote it over the coming months. They do all of the heavy lifting for me and I don’t personally have to be involved… We should talk.

I’m building out 25 slave accounts for the top 10 vacation spots in major countries for testing. Each will be a feature account for the destination. The DMs will point people in the direction of booking a free trial (it’s a membership travel MLM). The accounts will also feature the deals which are better than what you can find on Expedia, priceline, tripadvisor and all of those sites. They get 6 months free and if they join to be a member I get paid and earn team building commission points and commissions.


@DoingTheRIGHT I would be interested in a partnership in travel in the future.

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MLM is cancer


Yep totally agree. MLM are scams unless you are the founder

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MLMs are a great way to lose money, dignity and friends. Nothing else. Period.

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