[TRICK] College Influencer's Receive 70% FBR

Heres a little trick I came across to get an insane FBR on my personal influencer account… Some may disagree with the methodology however I thought I should share as it produces crazy results. I have gained over 400 followers today alone.


  1. Add “Class of 2023’” or whatever graduating year the freshman class would be to your BIO on IG and make your account private.
  2. Search Instagram for Freshman pages of that school, for example, accounts such as “Stanford Class of 2023” that are designed for freshmen to meet prior to school.
  3. Follow the followings of these target accounts ( so many will follow back as they are all searching for friends at this time).

Note**: For ethical reasons, it is probably best that you use this trick if you are actually attending the college. This trick will work most effectively from July-September when a freshman is looking to connect with new people.
Update: 24 Hour Growth, 580 followers.


So the trick is to just add the “class of x” in your bio and target college pages??? Won’t you constantly run out of sources?

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You would be surprised how many pages there are for vairous clubs, classes, majors, residences, frats, etc… sure you may run out eventually but it is a very fast way to get upwards of 10K followers

There are a bunch of fb groups for each freshman class, just join in and theres always a post thats like “Drop your IG lets follow each other”. If there isn’t, make your own thread.

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Another good strategy to supplement with, will give that a try as well

That might work. I like the idea!


Pretty fun Idea tbh, thanks for the share!

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This is smart. You could potentially use bio keyword targeting to further refine. I think that your method can be applied in multiple contexts as well, not just on the college scene.


Agreed, I think this strategy would work best with private accounts