😤 New IG phone verification update

Around couple month ago IG made an update which makes almost impossible to verify instagram account vie email if u do not have access to the original email.

Today IG made new update. When account gets phone verification request - it requires to verify account with current phone number. (the number been used to verify account first time - its like original phone number)

Not all of my accounts were affected, but some of them i’ve lost. I still have access to the original email, but i simply cant verify accounts via phone, cuz i used auto phone verification service and obviously i cant get access to the used numbers.

Here what was before update when account got PV request:

And here how it looks now:

So, simply impossible to put another phone number.

Has someone faced with the same ?


This isn’t an update. Just happens when you change IP. I’ve had it for months

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I had my suspicions something like this was on its way when IG kept trying to get me to store the phone number with the account, which i did not do! Looks like its going down the FB road with phone verification!

We`ll just need to remove the number once validated, same as FB!

Feature Request


I have not changed anything

Rlly great idea

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Have you tried changing the PW through the forgot PW on the login screen to get back in to the account…

Yes, after reset is done - account gets PV request again

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I had this happen to me too. There’s nothing you can do. You’ve lost the accounts unless you are willing to call and explain to Instagram why you were using automation tools, auto-PV services, etc…

I doubt it.

So here’s my advice, since I’ve had this happen to me many times and it no longer happens.

  1. Grow accounts slowly and safely - increase by 25 follow daily
  2. Follow max 700 people per day, if you get a PV, decrease by 50 and wait 24 hours till you re-activate tool
  3. Turn of Like Tool 3-4 days per week --> Issues with like tool are usually caused by proxy, but if you want to avoid the issue altogether just turn off liking. It’s really not that influential anyways in my opinion. At least for what I do.
  4. Make sure you have activated in both the follow and unfollow tool settings, the auto follow/unfollow. That will basically force Jarvee to shut follow off and turn unfollow on when it reaches a certain point. And vice versa. Not quite sure why this works and why it helped me stop getting all those PV request, but it just did. I saw someone mention it once in a YT video, did it myself, and since then, much fewer requests.
  5. DM’s - I send out a max of 70 DM’s daily. 65-70 is my number. Again, if I hit any issues like a PV request, I decrease it by 5 to 60-65, and if I get another PV request down to 55-60 until I hit the magic number that makes me stop getting those PV requests. Also, in this case, like the follow tool, it’s a good idea to shut off for 24 hours before re-activating the tool.
  6. Head to your settings and have Jarvee suspend tools when you get temporary blocks. You want the tool to automatically be suspended for 24 hours. In other words, if you are like or follow blocked, it will automatically stop following or liking for 24 hours before starting up again. This will keep your account safe and may prevent the PV request where it requires the original phone number.

My own piece of advice aside from this…not sure why you’re doing this but if you have the ability to scale and create many accounts I highly recommend it. When you have tons of accounts serving the same purpose, you’re less emotional about each account individually which therefore makes you respond more lightly to these types of things and also makes you think more clearly about growing the account slowly rather than being in some kind of irrelevant rush.

That’s basically all I can think of for now that could help you…

If you’re doing something and it’s causing PV requests to show up requiring you to use the same number you used when you signed up…you’re probably doing something wrong and keep repeating it. Make adjustments, let tools sit for 24 hours, then go at it again. No harm done.

Oh, and one last thing. Head daily into your summary area of Jarvee. Click on “Show Only Errors” and see if any errors show up. If they do, make sure to treat them immediately.

Last effort…contact Jarvee directly with the issue. Sometimes they have the answer since they’ve talked to so many of us with similar problems.

Good luck!


Some EVs did the same crap for me…after 1st EV it asked for another EV. That email i presume is the original email…that i do not have.

Since we are on this topic, i too have used the sms automation service at random to register my Instagram accounts. Come to think of it, maybe its better to take steps to avoid this from happening.
Can the first or all phone numbers(appears in “Privacy and security - Former phone numbers”) used to register the Instagram account be removed? If so where can i do that?

TIA guys! Lets hassle.

I’ve noticed the same exact thing with the email verification, asking for the original email address. The way I look at it, when they ban or make me delete one, I just add 2 more in their place.

ATT has a pay as you go phone program. $2/mo OR $2/day you use the phone. Worst case is you have 3-5 accounts per phone number and it cost you $2/mo or $2 every time you have to PV. Just keep track of what sim card you used for what accounts.


I generally appreciate the two-step verification as it increases security. Not sure how to get around the issue you mentioned, though.

Does this only apply to accounts that get phone verified.
Or to every single pv now aka I have aged accounts they get hit with pv
and the next time they want the same number?