Trusy SMM how do they grow profiles?

I’ve come across a SMM named Trusy ( I scanned there website and they promise some pretty good returns on followers growth etc for decent money. The thing is they don’t do f/uf etc, they don’t need your password. I saw in there FAQ that they use power likes and other thing to get you on explore. But how is that gaining up to 1K followers a month. My experience is that PL don’t really work as good these days.
Any thoughts on how they manage to make this work?

They can use multiple methods, DMs, EG, Likes, Likes in comments, etc. anyway 1K is something that you can achieve without paying.

Cheap ads in countries you can get followers for peanuts?
Lots of ways, I agree with what your saying about PL on their own but in combo they can work ok.

I tested this site before and basically they send you fake likes (low quality too) to get your post on the explore page, but then supplement with fake followers (again, low quality) and tell you that those fake follows are a result of the explore page. You’ll probably get better quality accounts just buying these likes/followers manually on from another panel.

try using that budget to make promotions on your insta and you’ll see the results 97$ for 1k growth a month is too expensive for me I guess.

$97 per month for 400-600 followers is far from cheap. As others above mentioned, you can gain 400-600 followers quite easily if you just put in some little effort.