Trusy Social ( feedback?

saw them advertising, wondering if anybody has any experience with them. mostly botnets they use or what?

trusy. co is the website

Why will they use botnets?

Botnets are used mainly for Smm Panel purpose if you are talking in correlation with Social Media Marketing,it is not so easy to maintain a botnet which in my opinion is worth it when you have 1000s of bots connected to your botnet where you can develop a command and provide follows,likes,comments,views etc and many more.

It seems like they are hiring micro-workers for the growth.

Read their negative reviews on trustpilot. All they do is send you bot followers and get more bots to like your posts. None of the growth is real.

All you are getting is fake followers & impressions from accounts they created.
It’s pretty much the worst you can do.
And if you want fake followers you can buy them cheaper everywhere else if you google for it.

We had a client who tried them and gained 50-200 fake followers per day. They told him all followers are all coming from the explore page but he did not even upload any posts.


Now yes,this can be a botnet but there are high chances that they have their own network if they are using same network of accounts for all of their clients.

With botnets,your network changes frequently due to the number of bots which is new and some gets disconnected too.

just a bs site

They used to do mother/child at least that was a real service lol. but of course they quit that because things got a little hard last year

Exactly,if you are ready to put efforts now then you can still do it.You just need to invest more with more efforts and it’s possible yet.

how would you go about doing that? i have good content and would like to just pay someone to help with growth, are there any real services available like that?

Ofcourse there are,if you have any questions regarding growth then you can message me anytime.

And about paying someone,post in want to buy section and you will find good people here too.