Trying to create accounts, failed, buying ... PV

I read the post on how to create my own accounts.

I tried to enter my own proxy using squid into proxify but couldn’t verify them. I could connect but can’t get past testing … no idea why. maybe @navarisun9630 can chime in…

So I had to move forward so I used MP embedded manual browsing with proxy to create … I get this “Sorry, something went wrong creating your account. Please try again soon.”

I’m guessing IG can detect dedicated IPs and blocking them …

So … seeing that account creation failed …

  1. would it be possible to use them for MP automation?

My next step is to buy them from
So it’s advised that I buy the aged non pva one.

  1. Which service should I use to verify when needed?

Thanks in advance … I’m trying my best to move forward as fast as possible

this means that you tried many times to make an account and IG flagged them for some reason, for phone verification i use hidemynumbers its very good service

1 thing about free proxies, so this is why for ‘normal’ user its imposible to get a fresh free nonflaged proxy, if you find a free proxy on the shared internetz it was for sure in some kind of a list, and there are many people monitoring these websites 24/7 waiting for new proxies and creating accounts on them automatically.

My proxies are private and I’ve set them up to be anonymous and check that they dont leak info. I rent the IPs from my host and run them myself. I use them for scraping Google so they should not be used for Instagram before. …

The only thing is I’m guessing … instagram block dedicated ips.

I just tried with an unused proxy and same thing. I have about 1k proxies

To be honest I never tried to create accounts myself, but check with @navarisun9630 in his thread: The Definitive Guide for Creating Instagram Accounts

Maybe you can try using your home IP instead if you have a dynamic IP? If you have a static one check with your internet provider and see if they got a plan for dynamic IPs or something like that.

Try hidemynumbers as @navarisun9630 said or get yourself some real sim cards, if they are not cheap in your country or you can’t get your hands on them, try: [BUY] Real Sim Cards to Verify your Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter accounts

Ok thanks

Will try that. How many accounts per number is advisable?

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Everyone says 3 accounts per number is fine but I never used more than one.

Yep, ideally for users would be to use 1 account per 1 phone number, ideally for me would be using 3 phone numbers per 1 account :smiley: