Trying to download a (private) vimeo file but there's no audio

Hi! I’ve downloaded a video file using Jdownloader (I also went into the webpage source code and tried from there). Each time, I get the video, but there’s no audio. I’ve successfully done this before from other sites, so I’m not sure why it’s not working this time. I have a feeling that somehow the audio file is getting separated.

It’s a vod-adaptive.akamaized. net link and it has a master.m3u8 in the URL.
(Delete the two top returns to get the full link)


I’d be so grateful for any help - thank you!!

I think the link already expired 5hrs ago :thinking:
Can you share the original Vimeo link/access to it?

Thank you sooo much! Yeah, there’s an expiration date in the URL that I cannot control. I was able to download the audio file separately, so I just merged it with the video file in a video editor. This is the first time I’ve seen a site where they’re splitting audio and video files. I am SOOO grateful to you for wanting to help, though!! Sending you a virtual hug!

Torch Browser might be able to help you. You can download videos from any website :wink:

Tor browser as sstatet might work