Turnkey Dedicated server hard drive broke - All files probably gone

One of my Turnkey dedicated hard drives just broke or is ‘not readable’ anymore, meaning they have to replace it completely. That also means that all my files on there are gone. While I do have a back up for 95% of the files, it’s a pain in the a… My question is whether someone had experienced something similar and how they got it resolved if at all (getting a replacement isn’t resolving it for me since I want to get the files)? I haven’t been told that the hard disk is broken, only that it cannot be accessed and customer support is really lagging in providing responses, so I want to understand if it’s worth pushing them to fix it and get access to the hard disk again. I’ve never had a hard disk fail in my life (maybe lucky, no clue) but I’m seriously pissed that Turnkey’s quality is so bad. This really shouldn’t happen for the price they charge me. Any input would be much appreciated.

This all depends upon how damaged the disk is. There are companies out there, like ontrack technology, that can recover data from failed disk. The cost can be anywhere from $500 to a couple thousand depending upon the amount of data… Was the failed disk part of a raid disk group?

In order to keep this from happening again, I would recommend setting up your server(s) with disks in either Raid 0+1 or Raid 3. This will allow you to recover from a failed disk.

Thanks but I’m not the one setting up the disks, Turnkey does that. I have no idea why it broke or how damaged it is. They said that they would replace the disks and try to caddy the data from the broken disk to the new disk…but no guarantees that it will work. I just never had this problem before and am pretty pissed that the disk just broke (I would have expected higher quality from Turnkey and I’ve only used the disk for a year).

The configuration of raid groups is dependent on the number of disks in the server. Most times the hosting company will just provide you a server with a single disk. When I order dedicated servers, I always make sure that they have 2 disks and are configured in a high availability (HA) configuration. This is something you need ask for. You should never solely rely on the host to protect you. Backups and server configuration is a must. If I were you, I would also purchase the file backup option from them to further protect your data.

i had the same issue with you 1 year ago with turnkey

what i did is simply ask them to ship the damaged disk to my location and then i paid a local here to restore the data on disk… the guy is specialized in data recovery (can even recover disks burned in fire accidents)

since then i quit turnkey and moved everyrhing to hetzner

I may get the disk still sent me but the main problem is to get MP running like before for my clients ASAP. I luckily continuously back up MP to Mega NZ, it’s just taking a bit long to download everything from the cloud again (a few days probably). Will see. Did you ever consider taking them up on their automatic back up services? Haven’t looked into the price but may seem like a safer option going forward.

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how does downloading somethinf from the cloud takes days ? i can download 1 TB of file in just a few hours

no i dont use their backup… i backup everything to my dropboz

I think Dropbox speeds are a bit/lot faster. My server has 1Gbps ethernet but my download speeds are currently 2-3Mbs (if I’m lucky) with Mega. With a few 100GBs to transfer, it does take a while unfortunately. Will have to rethink for the future whether it makes sense to keep using Mega for back ups. The reason why I didn’t use Dropbox is because it’s more expensive and to date Mega has worked well. The uploads used to be pretty fast. This is the first time that I had to properly download something, so I’m only making the experience now. Apparently, there was also some kind of outage with Mega over the last 24 hours (other users complaining on reddit), so I may just be unlucky with timing.

When you say you backup everything to Dropbox, do you mean you actually store all your MP folder(s) directly on Dropbox or do you actually keep them on the server and then run back-ups? I thought that the consensus here on MPsocial is that it’s not a good idea to actually run MP from Dropbox but maybe you can prove me wrong.

you store only the backup folder in dropbox… not the whole thing

You can choose a custom location for your backups and i changed that to my dropbox folder

Hey guys, what software do you use to make such a back ups? Are there any free ones? I mean to do the back ups in web cloud

Depends upon the server o/s. What server o/s are you using?

I use Jarvee on my Laptop running 24/7, it’s windows based

You can use windows backup to backup your system to a usb stick or drive.

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Any recommendations for 250 IG accounts running 24/7 on EB? My vps’s are screaming in pain