Tutorial - How to get 30%-40% FBR easily

Hope the share will encourage others to share the knowledge also. It’s sad to see everyone is keeping every small detail private when we all have to stick together and learn much more.

If you are manual service provider like us or automation provider or normal person want to grow their profiles, this will 100% help you look into the right direction of getting the most of daily actions we are limited to.


Breakdown your profile - scrape all the followers you have and put them into the excel sheet.
We need to sort out your followers AND your followers-followings into groups.

Followers sorting

Followings sorting

Why do we need both?

Followers - We need to see what sort of profiles are actually your profile followers. With scraping and sorting all the larges groups we can clearly see - Which group follows you the most a.k.a which group had best FBR.

Followings - We need to expect their behaviour. Yes the profile, content tells someone a lot if he/she would follow the profile or not. But psychology of number plays a big role here. We therefore need to assign every username in Group B - Followers sorting to his Following Group.

Next - We have sorted our Group B of Followers and assigned them their Following groups.
We’ve got:

A(0-250) - 12.50%
B(251-800) - 38.50%
C(801-2000) - 43.75%
D(2001-10000) - 5.25%

That means our perfect number wise follower would have from 251-800 FOLLOWERS and 801-2000 FOLLOWINGS.


Analyse accounts in your niche - on a same principle as we used it above. Then their followers from 251-800 FOLLOWERS and 801-2000 FOLLOWINGS are your targets. This way you gain at least 40% FBR no matter what content, what account you have. Its just needed to be in the same niche with normal posts.

Make sure you analyse competition that is SAME as you. If your profile has followers from 10K-15K then search for competition that same has followers around 10K-15K. The groups are drastically changing over the time your profiles are gaining followers.

The spread in the groups are not the same if we look at 5K fitness profile or 12K fitness profile or 312K fitness profile.
The most changes in your follow-back metrics happen from 250 followers above-1K above-10K above.

3. Analyse, Test, Results, Repeat

The more detailed you go into this - the better. The more groups you do - the better. The more profiles you scrape - the better. It goes easily up to 55-60% FBR. Then it gets harder and harder.

We are in 2,3TB of data just for doing FBR’s. The meaning of tutorial wasn’t that you will instantly get 60-70% FBR. The meaning was to show you the direction you need to go to achieve it. Number psychology has around 70-75% decision factor if someone follows you or not. The content has it’s say on how long the follower will stick to your page.

This could be a very long tutorial but I’ve wanted to make it short and simple. The full tutorial on the 30-40 pages will be released somewhere around June-July 2020 on MPSocial. There are still a lot of ongoing tests that must be completed and properly analysed.

The software used for scraping are custom - Please do not ask about them. You can find variety of scraping programs online or in this forum exactly for THAT.

Have a nice day! :pray:


I dont know if im missing something or i am more clumpsy than i thought but how are you getting these numbers? Because i dont see them on your excels :sweat_smile:

A(0-250) - 12.50%
B(251-800) - 38.50%
C(801-2000) - 43.75%
D(2001-10000) - 5.25%

If i understood it properly you get divide your Followers into groups according of their number of Followers. When you have it, you take the biggest group (in your case 251-800) and you divide it according their number of Followings. Its good idea, only thing is that im watching different numbers in your excel than later in the post :sweat_smile:

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The numbers you have written down are Followings percentages of Group B (from Followers bar).

That is however not screen captured since its simple equation to add in excel.

@timefor_steak falls into Following category A and Followers Category B.
@inesjurcic1 - Falls into Followings category B
@urskacafuta - Falls into Followings category C
@matejpristovnik - Falls into Followings category C

So this is a breakdown/putting every Group B (Followers range from 251-800). Into their Following Category so in my example above that means:

A(0-251) : 1
B(251-800) : 1
C(801-2000): 2
D(2001-10000) : 0

Hope this cleared your mind.


Thank you @DonPapo for putting time into writing this tutorial.
But following and being followed back by people having 801-2000 followings might bring you a big FBR but not ER! As these users most properly will only realise your posts every now and then.
But the idea behind doing reasearch on your followers and your actual profiles is indeed necessary


That it’s true. But indeed that’s why you are targeting your niche after all. The content is mostly what keeps your ER high.

Interesting guide, thank you for sharing, but i have found something similar or better in my case to get 50-60-70 % !! follow back ratio and here what i do:

Once your account is at least 1 month old and you have interacted with people from your niche, Instagram start suggesting to you new people accounts who joined Instagram is the last 1-2 weeks, from your niche, these accounts are active and the follow back on them is crazy good.

So i just follow between 60-100 suggested account manually using my phone and my sim card 4g and i get 50-60-70% follow back :


Yes. We have seen this also! Great that you share this too!

Problem with this method is usually that if you have a random IG men/women profile, the FBR isn’t that great after all. Niche specific works well!

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This account is in the pet niche so it’s working great on it, plus all new followers using this method are from tier one countries so in case later this account turns into an online shop this will be good for business.

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In addition to my reply - this was an example on 3.5K followers profile. The metrics changes a lot above 10K. We’ve seen tons of profiles from 60K-100K that are 70% followed by profiles within Followers Group B and Followings Group A. Which isn’t the case in a profile under 10K.

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I get the point of what you are saying.
But just in general followers who may have more than 1000 followings will have a hard time catching up with your content, since it will drawn in between all the other followings’ content they may face daily. That is regardless of you being in the same niche. Having a killer FBR ratio but low ER doesn’t look that well, that we all know. Rather the other way around is more ok. But we prefer things to go hand in hand.
The only way to really workaround this issue with eventually low ER, is to create killer content, so that user either put on a notification on your profile or they keep coming back a few times, so that the algo keeps pushing them your new content.


I agree partially… for under 10K niche targeted is useful. Accounts under 10K tend to connect with each other, support each other etc. That’s why you see a big number of accounts of these categories among followers lists of similar accounts. it’s the Core of all the engagement groups, pods etc.

But keep in mind that These Accounts won’t stay if you unfollow.
Requires very careful unfollowing, actually it requires keeping the highly engaged.

On the contrary, I expect users of the first two groups <800 , to have lower unfollow rate.


True, I found this features useful for manual actions.

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@BrotherJoseph @DonPapo how big of a delay do you guys use to look up profiles manually in order to avoid hitting: “Please wait a few minutes before you try again”. Or maybe what is your best workaround on this one?
I have realised that on the browser version of IG, you can do upto almost 200 profile lookups, but on IG app that limit is lower. Wanted to hear your experience on this one.

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Ah, to go back to simpler times when we could follow 500+ people in a day and have unfollowed them all not 48 hours later…

i never visit the profile when doing this manually to follow suggested users, i just click on the menu> discover people then a list of people show up to me and all i have to do is to click follow, i don’t even need to open their profiles one by one, i just look at their photos and follow them based on them and most of them are new active accounts who recently joined Instagram less than 1 month old so the follow back ratio on them is really high. there is also another way to find a list of suggested user is when you visit 1 account and click on the arrow near message button and then it will get you a list of suggested users and again you don’t need to visit their profiles, just click follow.

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This option you demonstrate I am aware of.
However I like to screen the profiles manually for too many followings and no post or profile pictures before following. A bit time consuming but in the end crusial, as my experience with those having no posts/pictures or too many followings is equal low engagement.
But I have realised that looking up profiles on IG app and looking them up on browser has two different limits. On browser it’s like triple the amount of doing so on IG app. I was hoping you guys might have any experience due to that. :slightly_smiling_face: But thanks for the reply anyways.

Thanks for this guide. You have done a very detailed study :sunglasses: