[Tutorial] How to get organic Youtube Subscribers


I’m new here just want to share how to get organic/real Youtube Subscriber without spending a dime.
Follow these steps.

  1. Create a catchy channel
  2. Go to tiktok and look for funny videos and download them
  3. Edit those video and remove the tiktok watermark, you can find the watermark removal online
  4. Now upload the edited video on your youtube channel and it will automatically tagged as youtube shorts.
  5. Ofcourse use a catchy title for this and thumbnail to catch the attention of your viewers. The more viewers the more chance of subscribers.
  6. Rinse & Repeat.

Youtube Shorts has different ranking algo than the normal videos, it is still unknown how the ranking works.
I hope this method works for you.

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Sounds really interesting. Has it been working for you and how fast can you grow the channel with this method?

Thanks for the share. I’ve seen some channels gaining decent subscibers due to shorts

I’ve seen kids who are allowed by their parents on YT to spend more time on Shorts these days… probably cause they got the TikTok feels and they think it’s cool especially if their parents only allow them on YT but not on TikTok

Yeah I have also seen kids spending alot of time watching kind of cringe content on YouTube shorts and they subscribe random YouTube channels while swiping. Kids don’t care about the content obviously they just want to see eye catching videos on yt shorts. Btw I have not tested out this trick but I will definitely try it now. Hope it works for me :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers !!! :beers:

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