[Tutorial] How to make a 4g Proxy with your Android phone and a sim card with 4g Data


There is one app on Google play which can make a 4g Proxy out of your phone with just a single click,the app’s name is ‘AllProxy’ so refer photo 1 for reference.

The app gives you a http and socks proxies together with the sim card’s data so you can use http for browser automation and socks for app’s.


1.If you are connected to a Wifi in your android phone,follow these steps(Works for Android and Iphone Both)

Go to Wifi - Select the Wifi you are connected to - Go to advanced settings - Here you will see a proxy option which will be none/automatic by default - click the proxy option and set it to manual - Now it will ask for proxy details like Ip:Port:Username:Password so input all the details accordingly and save it.

Here you go,you can now use a proxy in your android and IOS phone with this method.

2.How to use Proxy in your Android phone when you are connected to your mobile data:

Go to settings - search ‘Access Point Names’/ if you don’t have an option to search then go to Connections- Mobile Networks and then select the ‘Access point names’ - Now Select the ‘Add’ Option - Now you will see many empty fields like Name,Apn,proxy,port,username,password etc. - Input anything in name and the apn function and then put your proxy details as per it has been given by your provider - If it’s in the form of Ip:Port:Username:Password then input as it is and if the proxy is via the Ip authentication method then authenticate your Mobile Data’s Ipv4 address with the proxy provider and leave the username and password field as it is - After you have filled out everything , just save the settings and go one step back.Now you will see one access point name of your original sim provider and the one which you have saved,just select the one which we have saved and there you go,now you can use proxies in your android phone.

If you have any doubts or you are stuck anywhere so just let me know and message me up,I hope this helps people who do things on their phone.




The method is probably the same here.
You need to be careful.
They say they don’t steal these proxies, but you still have to be careful :slight_smile:
There is nothing for free: D

I knew someone would pick this point up so to cover it up,this is a github project and there are no backdoors in any GitHub projects as far as I have heard.

It is an open source project availaible in github so I don’t think they would steal our data.

The above proxidize one is not an open source project so you can expect your data to be stolen in that case and not this one,I could have made a tutorial with that one instead but due to that one having chances of backdoors and this one being an open source project in github,this one is safe for sure.

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No clue about the safety of either but if it’s open source (I don’t know if the app code is actually on GitHub though?) then at least it can be analyzed https://github.com/xapanyun/4gproxy

I’ve actually wondered if running a proxy on your phone would link any accounts you have running on that device with those that connect to the proxy from another place/app/automated tools based on the IP, even though they’re not physically on the same device.

Anybody running mobile proxies have knowledge on that and how mobile IP’s are distributed across accounts/devices?

If you are using the http proxy,it won’t work for your mobile apps and to work with proxies for mobile apps,you have to use the Socks Proxy.

Either if you use any automated tool,you can make a proxy here and use that in your automation tool,either way it will work as a normal 4g proxy does.