TW account suspended - what to do?

Hi, take a look here ->
I click on get more info and it says email verify or phone verify, i didnt get any of these options, I can log into the accounts but cant do shit, got like 20 on this situation.
What should I do to solve it?

Not much you can do but wait or just ditch the account mate. Twitter are quite harsh with stuff like this.

If you don’t have email and phone… ditch your account. Create a new one.

I have the emails , but users are not connected to any phone

It can be unsuspended for $2000, not sure if I’m able to link the website as it’s a competing fourm.

for 2000$ I can make around 10k new accounts

I have the emails, I am trying to add phone number but it wont give me

How can I solve it with the email? (non of the accounts has phone number connected to tehm )

Remove the phone number, logout TW will ask you to confirm the email or phone attached to this accounts + resolve some captcha to unsuspend it. In some worst case they ask for PV by call or SMS.

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I logged out and in and it didnt ask my phone or email but still account is suspended

I think you should create a new one

If it’s something like a slave account then there is no point. But if it’s something a large account like @freememes kids , then there is no question that $2000 is worth spending on unsuspending a disabled account.

Well you are in difficult situation, I would create new ones, but anyway I will ask a colleague that knows, he had similar issue.

If so contact them or create a new one.

Why you call it difficult?
accounts are not connected to any phone, they are connected to emails which I got.
I can log in into the accounts, cant do any actions, says accounts are suspended, when I look for them I cant find them.
Is it a ban? for how long? how to solve it?

shut up.
Anyone has solution or steps for that?