Tweet Import Format question


Cannot get the import csv file format. It imports the tweet text but not the image from folder.

Tweet text, E:\blabla\nnn.jpg

Maybe the image path is incorrect. Please send an email to support and include the CSV file you are using so they can check on it,.

I do not know the format - image path is correct

There is a post which describes the same problem I have but no solution:

“Importing posts from CSV correctly”

You said you were able import the text but not the image, I’m a bit confused here. Were you able import the file in the campaign or not? Also, which type of campaign are you using?

standard campaign - When I format like:
Text, empty column, empty column, Image path, It imports the tweet texts but puts the image path in the title url

Please send an email to support and attach the CSV file you used.

Have you got my support email?

Have you not rcvd a reply from support yet?