Tweetdeck Progression

I’ve been in quite a few tweetdecks over the past 2-3 years or so, but it seems like they’re a lot less active now since autodeckers are so popular. Not sure if it’s just the decks in my community, or overall. I used to gain easily 1k+ followers a day from 1-2 decks.

Any feedback on your tweetdeck experiences would be helpful. Thanks!

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Hey, mind explaining what a tweetdeck is? I want to get into twitter marketing.

Thanks if you do :slight_smile:

Well tweetdeck itself is an application that Twitter owns, they bought it a few years ago, and is primarily used as a Twitter interface when manage multiple accounts. Although, it’s been used alternatively for engagement groups

The idea is that everyone in the group links their Twitter accounts that meet a certain activity requirement (example: 50 retweets in 10 minutes).to the Tweetdeck, and then everyone is able to retweet posts on to each other feeds based on the groups rules; such as 1 retweet every hour, 1 link retweet every 24 hours, and so on. @iamxher099


oh wow thats cool as


Can you PM me? Some reason i can’t pm you. Got some tweetdeck experiences and would like to know your experience too

Post your experiences here so others can use the information too. :slight_smile: