Twi Acc Creation Via Jarvee?

Hi, anyone here uses jarvee to create new twitter acc? I am only receiving all voice code for my last 30 acc creation.I thought it was supposed to happen sometimes.

I have used different proxy provider from dc to 4g. And also used different number from smspva to real physical sim. I am only receiving phone call code now. Only thing that is similar is my acc creation process. I just use embedded browser in jarvee to create new acc. Anyone that is using similar way to create acc, are you guys receiving sms code for Phone verification?

I tested creating a Twitter account now, and as you can see I was able to get the code without any issue.

You can try to change the country from where you choose the number, or test a new SMS verification service.

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how many accounts do you use per proxy?

I create new twitter accounts using smsactivate on Jarvee EB. I receive a verification code to the number, but it seems they only send a verification code when I use a phone number from the same country as the IP I use for creating accounts.

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you are most likely mixing between the proxies IP and the sim card, you should have them on the same line and if the issue persist you should change the proxies.


We have not bumped into any similar issues so far and we did not receive reports of users getting phone call verifications for creating Twitter accounts. Please try to review the pointers that @ossi and @Luca raised.

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