Twiiter Automation Software for 1000 accounts

Dear All,

It was a pleasure seeing you all here i had read some of the posts and learned a lot.

I need a help here to know the best software for twitter to handle 1000 accounts.

Another thing I would like to understand Private Proxy Setup to a quick start.

your help would be highly appreciated .

thanks .

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Hey @Nayla_Alharbi :slight_smile: I don’t think you will find software that will be able to run so many accounts smoothly… Have you tried Jarvee? It’s not possible to run so many accounts from one machine, tho. But you can maybe put some number of accounts on your machine and for some number get a VPS - Virtual Private Server and run it from there. You can contact their support and ask about available plans and number of accounts.

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Hi @Bianca thank you for the response I got the point I hope to get something that I am looking for.

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When it comes to Jarvee, for each license should be used on different machine or VPS… And yes, you will definitely need a lot of time if you will be making these accounts on your own. But if you will use the same settings or part of settings, you can easily copy settings and sources to other accounts in Jarvee.

i would suggest you use Jarvee. It can handle max 250 accounts in one instance. So, you need 4 powerful VPS, a Jarvee license that allows you to run Jarvee on 3 PCs, and at least 500 proxies. Buy 1000 proxies (1 proxy for each account) If you want to be very safe.

Well, 1000 Twitter account is alot IMO.
But you can do it. Have to get strong VPS and a software to handle it. I heard jarvee works like a charm. U can contact them directly they might be able to you some solutions.
As per proxy, you can use 4G, dedicated or residential.
My advice is to check for yourself by using small batch of accounts how much accounts one proxy can handle.
Good Luck!

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You need twitter bot, check on google or other IM forums, there are many bot that are cheaper and even without monthly subscription, then I suggest you to create your own proxy since many proxy sold on net is over abused