Twitter Account Creation

I started creating Twitter accounts, I was having success with opening multiple accounts but eventually got hit with Phone Verfication on multiple accounts.

This is how I’ve been creating them:

  1. Fresh Firefox Portabel
  2. Limeproxies Premium Proxy
  3. Gmail Alias
  4. Warm up account for 5 days then add to Socinator

This was working, but recently after creating the account at stage 3 I would get phone verification request which didnt happen previously.

Are there additional measures I should be taking here?

It might be proxies, it might be something other leaks.
I’d recommend you to get Jarvee, use its embedded browser to create accounts.

This is how I would do it:

  • Add Twitter account to Jarvee (empty Twitter account)
  • assign proxy to it
  • Open EB browser for that account.
  • Check manual browsing, go to Twitter and create account.
  • Go to and verify email

Everything will be done through that browser and it’s dedicated for that account.
Add username and password to that Twitter account in Jarvee so you can automate it.

This way you’ll have cookies for every account, in every Embedded browser. It will be less suspicious, maybe not suspicious at all :slight_smile:

I used to do this with Quora.