Twitter Account Having Trouble Staying Logged In

I’m using Jarvee on a local machine for a single twitter account. I have a US 4g proxy that seems to work fine. The one frustrating thing has been that after leaving the account running for usually about 12-24 hours, it gets hung up. I’m 99% sure it just needs to relogin, but often times has trouble doing that successfully.

Sometimes it shows code 87, twitter info could not be extracted. Or sometimes, it’s hanging on the login operation itself…I’ve using EB, and for the moment I have manual login selected. Anyone have any experience with this? I just want the damned thing to run on it’s own so I don’t have to go nudge it once or twice a day.

Thanks for your time and suggestions!

note in every case, if I simply login and set account status to valid, it works every time. I’d either like to figure out how to set a cookie to stay permanently or how to get it to successfully re-login on it’s own

same issues here

I have the same issue

it seems to happen all at once for several accounts even with different proxies, so I think it’s possibly related to Jarvee. I have an open ticket with the support related to that error.

I tried the “Switch to Automatic Login” and “Verify profiles and clear cookies” options.

Fingers crossed.

Hello everyone. I’m beginning to think there is more to this than just automation. I have some accounts I don’t automate that I’m having weird log in glitches when I use the mobile app. It pops up when I am already logged in saying “verify your identity” & requests to enter password … but I hit ignore & I’m logged in & fine…

I think we can expect a Twitter update soon!