Twitter Account Limit does not increase


I am having this problem for a awhile now. I am running 500 Twitter Accounts on Jarvee and have set them up to increase the follow limit each day with 1-2. But it never increasese. I already tried to contact the support and they were saying that i shouldn’t be using them all at the same time as the tools will not reach the follow limit. So i implemented Nightmodes in each of those accounts so only 100 accounts run on 4 hours timeframes, but still. The Follow Limit + Like Limit etc. does not increase. Does anyone have a idea what i could do?

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Do you think your limits numbers didn’t increase or that the number of actions that tool is performing isn’t increasing?

I’d recommend splitting between servers when you run 500+ accounts, so each server will run 100-200 accounts or so. I find JV to be unusable when it passes 100 accounts.

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The limits numbers did not increase.

So meaning that i would have to use more than 1 server and run more instances of Jarvee? Wouldn’t that be a shitton of more costs or is it substainable?

Yes, that’d definitely increase costs, but would 100% make everything run much more smoothly. If your Twitter accounts are actively making you money and you have no problem investing in a more stable system, my suggestion is to do so ASAP.


If you are running that many accounts then yeah, that’s where the issue lies. Try doing like Winds said, that should do the job.


Thanks guys. I guess there is no other option than running more instances on more servers. I wonder if this is a resource issue or a software issue from Jarvee. Because if it would be a Jarvee Issue the support would be able to implement a fix, wouldn’t they?

I’ve had success running 400+ accounts per instance on JV, that was IG though and through API which was using less resources. I might be wrong, but I think Twitter uses EB only meaning you’re likely running out of the resources as EB are CPU and RAM hungry.

I would start with checking how’s your VPS performing, if your CPU or ram is consistently above 90% then its a resources problem. Keep in mind, Jarvee is smart and if it realises there’s no resources it throttles down the tasks so it would not crash your device.

If you find your system is running below 80% on CPU/RAM and not many 100% spikes, then it’s likely a Jarvee problem like others suggested and you will need to run more accs across instances.

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the main issue here is 500 accounts on one server, if you ask JV support you will see that they recommend using 250 accounts per server because 500 accounts are a lot, try to use a small number then check if the issue persists if yes then contact JV support again they will most likey access your VPS and check the issue directly


Yeah, you guys were all right. It has to do with the accounts number in Jarvee itself. It does work fine and increase its numbes when i only run 50+ Accounts - Now i am slowly trying to increase to number and see how much i can run on one Server. Sucks tho, as this just means more money for another dedicated server, but i guess thats just how it is :frowning: lol

if you have a good and powerful server you will be able to run 150-180 accounts with no performance issues but you must at least have 10 Cores CPU
32 Gb Ram