Twitter account suspended as soon as I create - manually

What is going on with Twitter, I can’t register normal account for my business manually no bots used. As soon as I login to account I enter my real phone and confirm the code, I get message that my account is suspended. This makes me problem because I type usernames related to my business then I must change and use some new names this is ridiculous. Is there anything we can do to restore account?

Did you create the account using your phone and home ip?
You can contact Twitter regarding the suspension through this form:

If you used home IP upon creating this, then that would be a problem.

Yes I created an account from my home computer using safari browser… never had this problem before. They say one phone can be used for up to 10 accounts, I have one real account and I created another it got suspended, then I created one more with same name just added 1, last night logged in to update email address it asked me to confirm phone which I did, and after that it got instantly suspended too. This is crazy.

You should then probably get a proxy and create account form there. It seems that Twitter is not letting you to create more accounts from that IP.

I think that the issue is probably related to your IP address. Try creating an account from a different Proxy’s IP Address and see if that solves it.

Is it really banned or just suspended but can be restored after captcha and phone verification?

When I create new accounts, it’s normal that it will initially get captchas and suspension but after solving the captchas and phone verifying, the account will work normally.

I recently created 5 Twitter accounts, 1 acc for 1 proxy. For All my 5 new accounts got:
1 verification Code from mail, 1 robot captcha with images, 1 Phone verification. ( if you try to remove imediqtley The Phone number, you.ll get a new Phone verification. So, I let The Phone for 2 days more.

It just says account suspended even when I add phone number and confirm the code, but this is BS because I cant even create normal account for my business. I will try to figure out something, thanks everyone for advice.

Leave it for a couple of days and then try again and see how it goes.

Better get a proxy for this and try to not leave any footprints.

It doesn’t make sense why would I want to use a proxy, Im normal user trying to create account for my business… Well I could use a proxy but TW is totally fuc… up

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PM me and I’ll make them for you, if you can’t resolve it.

This also happened to me while trying to create a twitter for one of my sites. Created it by phone in the most legit way. Account suspended after creation.

Yea man, and whats worse now I lost username that I wanted to use