Twitter Accounts listed to a particular Telephone Number

Hello everyone!

I have a number of sim cards each with a unique number. As stated by Twitter, I can have 10 accounts per telephone number. I’ve let some accounts go dormant over the years and on some of the sims I’m discovering I can only have 5-6 accounts active. Apparantly I have no idea or lost which accounts are associated with which sim/telephone.

Is there anyway to determine which accounts are linked to which sim/telephone?

Thank you!!!

Do you know the email attached to them?

That is not true anymore. In most cases it is 1 account per number.

I have 5 tied to my phone from before MP. Haven’t tried to make anymore via the app. But for me, it’s 5.

But when? I have hundreds of Twitter accounts, all with their own phone number. And when trying to use the numbers for a second account I get a notification that the number is already in use. Twitter is fighting SPAM…

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Probably because I created them over 3 years ago via the app. Only thing that’s changed has been my IP and phone number. All of which occurred very frequently while traveling.

Edit: I only had 3, the other two are in MP only and on another #. It just allowed me to create a 4th. No problem.

Really, I tried dozens of phone numbers, and can verify only 1 account with each number.

The accounts are about half a year old. I activated the first batch some months ago. And when trying the same numbers again I get a notification that the number is already in use. I was first hoping that I could use the same number again after some months. But till now they do not work.

This is a big setback when trying to grow. Need a new simcard for each account. It is even more bad than Instagram. And virtual numbers are not an option. When getting a PV you need the number in the account. Else the account is lost.

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Yeah. I had a lot of fun verifying these again when we moved back to the U.S. a few of the accounts had been tied to a Colombian SIM that happened to have the same last digits as an old US number. We didn’t have the Colombian SIM nor would it have worked anyhow. It was a bit of a mess to get back into it.

Anyhow, not sure why I can have more, maybe since my original account was via app and is old.

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