Twitter accounts /proxys

Curious, what’s the strategy for making accounts or does everyone buy them?

Any tutorials?

Also recommendations on proxy’s would be great :slight_smile:

I use Jarvee for Twitter accounts creation, the tool below, yes you can buy them as well but I prefer creating them using good proxies


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I’ve been creating some Twitter accounts with Jarvee as well. It’s working pretty much the same as for IG create accounts tool.

You can use @HenryCooper proxies.


Alright and are they going to need PV? Sorry I’m just getting back into automation. I used to use speedy verification but not sure if they’re around or if there’s something better for Twitter

4G/residentials are always the best choice and yes you can create accounts using Jarvee

Get some real devices, real sim cards and high quality 4G mobile proxies ( with residential IPs) and create the accounts manually. I wouldn’t really recommend buying accounts since there are many instances where these accounts get blocked due to IP issues and can’t be revived. Creating accounts manually takes a lot of time but if you get substantial growth from these, the investments is worth it.


yeah that’s the gamble, buying an account is much easier, but creating accounts then growing them is time-consuming but once you get hold of it worth it

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Yes, sooner or later accounts will need PV. I’d suggest you use real phone numbers to verify your accounts. Using 4G mobile proxies when creating new accounts is recommended. Take a look at the threads about new Twitter shadowban on this forum, so you will have an idea what settings you should use on the tools.

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got a good service for real phone numbers you would recommend?

4G proxies for account creation is the way to go.


I would recommend testing a few because even if one provider works for me it doesn’t mean it will work fine on your side, you’ll need to search for providers, read their feedback, and get one from each to test on your account, see which ones work for you.