Twitter + adult niche in 2021?

I just purchased twitterdub bot for twitter botting and planning to promote/grow adult niche.I never botted twitter before so have some Qus before start :slight_smile: Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :love_letter:

  1. should I use scraper accounts for scrapping followers to follow like instagram?
  2. Can I start with cheap IPV4 proxies instead mobile proxy? I’ll use 2 accs/per proxy
  3. can you tell me a bit more about mother/child method on twitter ?
  4. how to promote adult on Twitter safely?


I am starting it also. Looking for great ideas for it.

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i don’t recommend cheap proxies for any social platform especially if you are working on a long-term accounts, get good ones and test them, you can scrape followers using scrapers like IG but it’s not that necessary using Twitter.

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thank you broo

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lets start

  • Yes you can use Jarvee to curate a list of targets, scrape like IG
  • 4G mobile proxies give you more versatility and power in terms of running accounts. Firstly, these proxies have dedicated device signatures (those that run on real cell phones), so TW thinks you’re a real individual, using an account from your mobile phone. Secondly, if you get rotating proxies, you can create at least 15 accounts/proxy product. 2-5 accounts are generally allowed under 1 IP. So, everytime you rotate the IP, you get the option to make more accounts.
  • Okay so to put it simply, in the mother/child method, you have a main account and then you have scraper accounts (child). You use these scraper accounts to leverage and grow the main account. You post content and redirect traffic from the child to the main account. This method is used as a passive growth method and to keep your IG account safe from IG’s changing algorithms.